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Episode 466 – SFGT | The Defense Rests and White Rose Murderer [SUSPENSE Remastered]

Episode 301

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The Defense Rests and White Rose Murderer [SUSPENSE Remastered]
~ When lawyers and criminals share the same traits…


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Welcome lovely listeners to two Old Time Radio episodes. Your theme today is, Murderers with a Twist. Your first tale is The Defense Rests. What does a lawyer and a criminal have in common? Well, in this case…a lot more than you think….oh yes….so much more than one would first assume. And your White Rose is left at every murder scene, the murder has a type, and the love of two people, worlds apart, is tested. And the courage of a woman is tested, with the tale White Rose Murderer.
Folks these two stories were a labour of love. I mean, all of my Old Time Radio remasters are a labour of love, but this episode in particular had me diving deep into the audio, stripping out clicks, pops, and in some cases, lines where repeated three or four times during the recordings. I can only think that the tape skipped during recording creating a set of duplicate recordings. So with a lot of manual work on this one, I hope you enjoy it mates.
Enjoy your brilliant listeners! 😱

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