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Episode 457 – SFGT | 16 Artificially Generated Stories – Robots, Butter Knife, Plants and UFO

Episode 291

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16 Artificially Generated Stories – Robots, Butter Knife, Plants and UFO’s
Stories Artificial: Invented Narratives of an AI – Creative writing by a machine with deep learning and neural mappings!
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What’s on today: AI Generated Stories
Welcome you looooviest listeners!

Today I have for you sixteen, ridiculously weird AI Generated Stories. For those of you who are new to this, these are stories I’ve fed into an Artificial Intelligence, I give the AI a narrative as a seed idea, then the AI generates it’s own creative narrative. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense, sometimes it’s super serious, but most of the time…it’s ridiculous. I also put up a poll for you listeners to vote on, and maaaaany of you did – so thank you so much for getting involved
#1: A group of robots become lost. It appears they were reading the map upside down.
#2: Slappity is a robot that can’t resist the urge to caress cats.
#3: Sharpy the sentient knife stops a robbery
#4: A sentient butter knife becomes something
#5 A sentient butter knife owns a vegetable store
#6: Carnivorous plants learn to speak to dogs with mind-language
#7: Carnivorous plants learn to speak to dogs by rustling
#8: Carnivorous plants learn to read
#9: A small UFO’s attack a village already on fire
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Episode 291