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Episode 450 – SFGT | Ted the Caver Series Part 4/4 [HODAG!]

Episode 283

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Ted the Caver Series Part 4/4 Ongoing Creepypasta Series

HODAG! What the heck is a HODAGE?

~The Tale Teller
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Ted the Caver Story

Author: Anonymous
Welcome listeners!

Part 4 of Ted the Caver and the Finale.

Listeners, did you have a good weekend? My weekend saw me eating American Hamburgers and KFC, whilst watching some Netflix with friends – which is exactly how I enjoy my weekends mates hehe. And I hope your weekend was just as fun.
Mates today I have bring you the Finale of Ted the Caver, a dark, mysterious cave, filled with runes, mysterious stone formations, and the sound of echoing winds that carry screams through itโ€™s cavern halls. Now before we start, a huge thank you my new Patreon support Michael Angelo Yacone, otherwise known as the Eldritch Author, my near Enforcer mates, just magical. Michaelโ€™s works have been on this show before, and in the future, youโ€™ll be hearing more of his works, that I can guarantee.
Now, turn the lights off, the sound up, and get ready for something mysterious.
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Episode 283