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Episode 446 – SFGT | Ted the Caver Series Part 1/? [Creepy Caves]

Episode 279

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Ted the Caver Series Part 1/?
Nothing but darkness, isolation, and mysterious sounds coming from deep into the caves…

White Tea Warlord: Matthew J Bower

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Ted the Caver Story
Author: Anonymous

Welcome listeners!
As a deep cave explorer you come accustom to the noises in the dark, you’re prepared, and your mind doesn’t race to the dark denizens that lurk perhaps in the darkness but truly only exist in your mind. There is a whistling of the wind, and rumbling of the earth, perhaps the breathe of a beast and the stomach churning of a monster that lies behind those cavern walls, you reach for a piece of rock that covers a crack in the wall….wait…do you hear it………tonight’s tale is all about Creepy Caves!

So get rugged up, bring your glow sticks, and listen closely for any sounds in the dark.

Thanks for listening mates!

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Episode 279