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Episode 443 – SFGT | Serial Stories – Tsutomu Miyazaki (Japanese Child Killer)Part 2

Episode 276

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Serial Stories – Tsutomu Miyazaki (Japanese Child Killer)Part 2
**EXPLICIT** Sexual Abuse | Murder | Involves Children

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Serial Killers – JAPAN

Welcome listeners to Part 2 of this research piece.
Tsutomu Miyazaki a Japanese creature who think’s he is the hero of a comic book, a narcissists dream, when really he’s just a villain in a poorly coordinated play.

We learn today that this man devolved into a creature whose mind was focused on pain, cruelty, and depravity – and his last words speak volumes of this persons state of mind. Today’s episode we’ll be focusing on:
– His Sentencing
– Family Drama
– Mental Illness
– Japanese Otaku Culture
– Unique details surrounding the case.
– Last Words

Respectfully remember those that were taken:
• Mari Konno, age 4
• Masami Yoshizawa age 7
• Erika Namba age 4
• Ayako Nomoto, age 5

This is a research piece with the goal of understanding the dark parts of our universe. I hope I’ve been able to provide you a unique experience in this space and welcome your feedback.

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Reference Material:
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Last Words:

Death Sentence:


Super Natural Serial Killers: What makes them murder?
Author: Samantha Lyon & Dr Daphne Tan

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Episode 276