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Episode 401 – SFGT | The Russian Sleep Experiment | The Well to Hell

Episode 231

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Episode 401 – SFGT | The Russian Sleep Experiment | The Well to Hell

The Russian Sleep Experiment

The Well to Hell

Topic: #Supernatural #Creepy #Storytelling #Fiction #Podcast
There is a phenomena in our world where the cries of the damned wail out at beneath the earth, deep inside the catacombs of the sea, and were souls cries are muffled beneath the earths crust, we discover where the road to hell really is. And we stumble across the recordings of the Russian Sleep experiment, where test subjects look human, and seem alive…but they are very….far from being either.

Welcome listeners to your two tales – The Well to Hell, and the Russian Sleep Experiment. I’m drinking an Early Grey made for me by the person I adore. When someone else makes you tea it’s special, I’m not sure what that’s called but, I think you know what I mean. Like when you get given a present or slice of cake from a friend, it just tastes better right? Well, if you know someone that needs a tea, make them one, you’ll put a bounce in their step for the rest of the day. Now, turn off the lights, turn up the sound, and let’s explore a slice of hell, both spirituality and…scientifically. .

Turn the lights off, the sound up, and get ready for something…unique.

Thank you so much for listening to the #podcast mates!

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