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Episode 379 – SFGT | Skinwalker Stories – Arizona and South Carolina

Episode 209

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Episode 379 – SFGT | Skinwalker Stories – Arizona and South Carolina

Your #Skinwalker stories in order:

My Arizona Experience| 1:16
Author: EnemeeSpoded
Video Link:

Skinwalker in Holbrook, South Carolina | 6:15
Author: LuWulfhardt

Skinwalker in Holbrook, South Carolina | 10:15
Author: Harrythellama756

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Topic: #Skinwalker #Cryptid #Supernatural
What creature can you hear call your name? A creature that can mimic a voice? Or screech so eerily that it haunts the minds of those that hear it? Skinwalkers mates. Today I’ve been lucky enough to have three stories here to share with you. Three lovely people have shared their stories and I can’t wait to narrate them. Our first story takes place in a town called Page, in Arizona, and next two stories after that take place in South Carolina. Right now I’m drinking this beautiful earthy black tea, it’s called Gunpowder and it’s just so strong that I can’t stop drinking it hahah. So pour yourself a delicious tea, or hot beverage, turn the lights off, the sound up…and get ready for the creepy.

Thank you so much for listening to the #podcast mates!

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