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Episode 376 – SFGT | Demonology and Demon Lore – Fire Demons [Part 1/2]

Episode 206

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Episode 376 – SFGT | Demonology and Devil Lore – Fire Demons 1879 [Part 1/2]

Demonology and Devil Lore

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Welcome listeners, today I wanted to continue reading through the chapters of Demonology and Devil Lore, written in 1879 by Moncure Daniel Conway. What I’ve done this time is spliced a bit of my own research INTO this text – any areas where I thought, this is a kinda vague reference, I’ve either deleted or added research to – trust me on this, sometimes the authors references can be a little detractive to the content.

So, thus far we’ve covered Hunger, now we’re moving on to Fire Demons; I’ll be covering a number of topics today in this book, let me give you a quick summary:

• Fire across multiple Cultures and countries – Africa, India, Europe, the Persian Empire and more.
• History on Roman Gods, the etymology of some key Roman Gods
• Fire’s evolution across cultures in the perspective of religious semantics
• Insights to gleamed in 1876 about cultural worship of fire across the world.
• I hope I have you intrigued, even a little bit – what I mention that you learn where the name for Prometheus, from an origin perspective comes from?
• If you’re like me, that was enough to get me deep diving, so let’s jump right on in….

Thank you so much for listening to the #podcast mates!

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