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Episode 362 – SFGT | Edgar Allan Poe – Six Poems [Listener Requested]

Episode 192

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Episode 362 – SFGT | Edgar Allan Poe – Six Poems [Listener Requested]
Six Poems in order and timings:

The Bells | 1:17

Ulalume | 5:00

To Helen | 8:43

Annabelle Lee | 12:34

A Valentine | 14:15

For Annie | 16:05
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Topic: #EdgarAllanPoe #Poetry #Poems
Are you a fan of Edgar Allan Poe – well, a couple of listeners have voted with their words and sent me emails requesting some Edgar Allan Poe poems – oh yes, and these poems are just brilliant. Now, some of these poems may sound like I’m repeating lines, I assure they are not, it’s just how Edgar writes and his style of poetry. I had a couple of emails regarding creepypasta – so I’ll be shortlisting those, and some episode suggestions on Japanese horror stories, again shortlisting those. A big thank you to those that sent through their thoughts and suggestions, greatly appreciated. And now, I have six poems for you, and your lovely ears. The poems are as follows:
Thank you so much for listening to the #podcast mates!

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