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Episode 342 – SFGT | Creep at the Farm | The Chip | Humanity Series

Episode 172

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Your stories for today you lovely people:


Creep at the Farm by Asmma | 2:00

The Chip by Tom Keithley | 15:05

Humanity Series | Felicia Dearman – 19:08 | Tom Keithley – 22:24

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Topic: #Paranormal #Demon #Technology

A house that haunts…or is it the land that’s haunted….perhaps both, a technological triumph that ensures you comply, and two sides of the same nephilem coin! Join me for a set of listener submitted stories to get the blood….chilling.
Join me for some great stories about Spectres, Angels, Demons and more!
Thank you so much for listening to the #podcast mates!

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Episode 172