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Episode 313 – SFGT | Listener Stories – Immortality | Demonic Carnivals | Kradatye and more

Episode 143

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Immortality | Demonic Carnivals | Kradatye and more with six listener submitted stories!


Timeless by Tom Kiethley
The Dark Carnival by Joy McLaurin
The Moonlight Man, The Nazi Yelling Experiment, and Russian Sleep Experiment by Patrick McNamara
The Krad atye – a true Australia Aboriginal Skinwalker story –

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Welcome my creeplicious listeners!

What do stories of immortality, demonic carnivals, mysterious entities, and the insanity have in common today? They are ALL listener stories. That’s right, my talented listeners have sent their creative stories in that I can’t wait to share. Clowns killing people, a gift that’s a curse, an Australian Skinwalker story, and so much more!
Goes to show how talented my listeners are with such creativity and ability to tell their stories.
Stay tuned on Friday for a #Creepypasta ritual story as well πŸ˜€
Thank you so much for listening the #podcast mates!


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Episode 143