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Episode 260 – SFGT | Old Time Radio – Nobody Died [Remastered 1936]

Episode 90

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Old Time Radio – Nobody Died [Remastered 1936]
Station: Light’s Out

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Welcome listeners! A brand new…Old Time Radio (OTR) Episode just for your ears! Aired 12/09/1936 and brought up to code audio wise, to you. Here’s today’s story plot but I won’t ruin it with any more detail than this!


A dying patient begs the doctor to prolong her life just until her youngest son arrives. As the doctor works, she tries a cancer research drug which eventually works. The word reaches the President who pays the doctor a visit, telling her to give the drug to the state for the benefit of all and for himself.


Thank you all for your well wishes and I’m feeling better already. Just off to have a nice sleep πŸ˜› have a great weekend mates!
Thank you all for listening!

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Episode 90