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Episode 247 – SFGT | The Rules of Being Cliche [Nosleep] | The Wight [Creepypasta]

Episode 77

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#Nosleep – The Rules of Being Cliche

Author: Shortstory1

#Creepypasta: The Wight

Author: LostWight


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Welcome listeners! A brand new set of #Nosleep and #Creepypasta stories! Our first story is by the same author as episode 177 “The Crunched Up Paper House. The story revolves around the most cliche killer ever!

Ep 177:
Our second story is a #Creepypasta by Lostwight where we hear a story involving grandma’s tall tales, wights, and necromancers…a tale of old…with a deadly morale.
Thank you so much for listening!
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Episode 77