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Episode 241 – SFGT | Vilificaiton [Part 1/?] by Shannon Higdon

Episode 71

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Vilification [Part 1/?] by Shannon Higdon

Author: Shannon Higdon

Sent directly to me by the author – Thank you Shannon.
**Explicit – Drug use.
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Welcome listeners! “Vilification” by Shannon Higdon – it’s a big one, in fact, the biggest consecutive series today I think? So it’s going to be fantastic – not to mention Shannon Higdon is a brilliant author – looking forward to this.
A quick rundown of the premise of this story so far: A man wakes up in a operating theatre, doesn’t know how he got there…has a history of extensive drug use that seems to wake up an unforeseen force in him that he may live to regret…
Enjoy and thank you so much for listening!
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Episode 71