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Episode 200 – SFGT | Ghosts – History and Knowledge and Etymology [Creepy Research]

Episode 30

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#Ghosts – History and Knowledge and Etymology [Creepy Research]
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Welcome listeners! My 200th episode wooo! Today I spent my time research and finding information about ghosts! Hopefully I can share with you information about:

– Where does the word Ghost come from?

– Earliest Ghost appearance in media?

– What kinds of ghosts are there?

– How do you stop or protect yourself from a ghost?

A lot to go through, and not a deep dive, but a shallow walk 🙂 happy to do a deep dive though if people enjoy this one.
So I hope you really enjoy my 200th episode and if you want to hear more Creepy Research episodes, please let me know.
Thank you all for listening and have a fantastic weekend!
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Episode 30