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Episode 196 – SFGT | The Little Ghost Girl | The Old Woman | St Augustine | More!

Episode 26

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The Little Ghost Girl | The Old Woman | St Augustine and more stories!

Author’s of The Little Ghost Girl: StarEve2099

Remaining stories: Kyle Brant
Send me your #Ghost and #Paranormal stories here: [email protected]
Welcome listeners! We have four #ghost stories for your lovely ears; a ghost that loves to mess around, the ghost of cleanliness haunts a house, and another two stories for your lovely ears. Thank you so much StarEve2099 and Kyle Brant for sending these stories in, they were all brilliant.
Do you have any #paranormal or #ghost stories? I’d love to feature them this week πŸ˜€ so feel free to reach me on my email with your lovely stories. Will be working on some #creepypasta this week as well, so stay tuned lovely listeners!

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Episode 26