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Episode 191 – SFGT | Michi’s Journey Part 5 [Act 3/3]

Episode 21

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Michi’s Journey – Part 5 [Act 3/3]
Author: Kyle Brant
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Welcome listeners! ACT 3 of Michi’s Journey Part 5 – join me for the finale of Part 5 where we discover more of Michi’s future, our protagonists future, and the skills that Michi earns at the end of his current journey – I don’t want to give to much away, but it’s definitely unique.
Kyle Brant also shares with us an extensive amount of author notes that covers Japanese heritage, lore, Yokai, religious practices,, mantra’s, and so much more – this is one MEGA episode.
This week I have loads more stories on the way! Nosleep from Shannon Higdon, Fan stories, and a bucket load of original content just for you! So stay tuned πŸ˜€
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Episode 21