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Episode 182 – SFGT | Old Time Radio – 1918 Christmas | The Immortal Gentleman

Episode 12

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Old Time Radio – 1918 Christmas | The Immortal Gentleman

#1: 1918 Christmas

Starts at 30min in – skip if you don’t enjoy the first story πŸ˜€

#2: The Immortal Gentleman

OTR Link:
Old time Radio (OTR) Link:
Welcome Listeners! It’s #Christmas Day and I have two brand new yet Old Time Radio stories just for your lovely ears.
Not happy with just uploading an Old Time Radio episode, I mastered, noise canclled, and repair the audio on these old taped drama’s – hopefully this is much more bareable than my first episode.
The first story will possibly be the oldest #Christmas OTR story you’ll hear, about three soldiers embarking on a journey that is all too familiar. Our second story revolves around the thoughts of “What I could live forever?”, I let that mystery sit with you.
Join me lovely listeners, and for all of you out there, have an amazing Christmas, be safe, laugh, and above all else, be happy. Merry Christmas!
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Episode 12