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Earl Grey Enforcer Episode #5 | Lee Bower – Demonic Aliens, Evil Trees, and Meat? ☕

Episode 299

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Lee Bower – Horror and Creepy Fiction ☕

EXPLICIT: Swearing, Adult Themes, Abuse, Death and Gore plus more. Not for little ears!
EARL GREY CELEBRATION – My thanks to LEE BOWER for this episode!

**PART 2 on the way this Friday mate!**
Story Links:

#1 The Beast by The Hooded Werewolf:


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Welcome listeners to an Earl Grey Enforcer special. I’m very, very lucky to have brilliant listeners step in and support the show, and Lee Bower is one such listener who became an Enforcer to keep the blood pumping and the lights glowing at SFGT headquarters.
And as is custom for all my Earl Grey Enforcers, I asked them what they would like for their own dedicated episode – Lee responded with creepy stories that make me keep the light on at night. And hopefully one of the many stories in today’s episode will do just that…or at the least, will get under your skin a little Lee.
Before I jump into a proper thank you, Lee is dedicated this entire episode to his brilliant brother, Matthew J Bower, a White Tea Warlord of this Podcast, talk about awesome running in the family right?
Thank you Lee, and I just know that Matto is going to love the sentiment. Lastly, please, raise your Earl Grey or any hot drink you have, and hear us Lee, thank you for your awesome support.


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Episode 299