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Earl Grey Enforcer Episode #4 | Michael Angelo Yacone – The Land of Gears

Episode 288

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The Land of Gears: Chapters 1, 2 and 3 by Michael Angelo Yacone aka The Eldritch Author
EARL GREY EPISODE: Michael Angelo Yacone
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A machine is brought back to life, and wanders the deepyard and beyond, what will it find? Who will it meet? And what, will it become. Today is a special Earl Grey episode dedicated to The Eldritch Author, Michael Angelo Yacone, and mates, you’re going to absolutely love this episode.
A richly intriguing story, and a tasting plate for your ears – you’re going to be wanting more from this author. Michael also supports this Podcast, he is an Earl Grey Enforcer, and for that I’m soooo grateful. Michael has also had his works showcased on this episode before, and this was a story that he recommend I narrate.
This episode is dedicated to my Earl Grey Enforcer, long time listener and author, Michael Yacone. The title of this story is The Land of Gears – Chapters 1, 2, and 3. Let me dig through the box of wires, connect up your spark plugs, and reboot your systems…enjoy you brilliant people.

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Episode 288