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624: THE CLOCK ⏰ | Hollywood Heartache – Murdah, Fraud, Insurance!

Episode 461

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Newly Weds, Greed, and Insurance polices, the terrible themes of today’s episode. Two newly wed’s in today’s tale, one, a man who we can presume loves his wife, and a wife who we can presume loves her husband, but one of them is dead….and the motivation….stone…cold….cash! 💰

Welcome to your remastered episode straight from the Clock series, for Old Time Radio. Your episode title is Hollywood Heartache, where greeeed get’s the last laugh…..or doe sit. A little bit of work on this one, the audio was particular “crunchy”, and “poppy” which now that I realise this sounds like I’m describing the audio like a crisp snack. My job though was to, like a delicious pavlova, smoooooth out those bumps and give you a delicious auditory feast. The biggest challenge was stripping out those gaps in the audio, but I think it turned out great. So turn the lights off, the sound up, and let’s listen to an original. Enjoy! ⏰

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Episode 461