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612: The Avenger ๐Ÿ“ป HIGH TIDE MURDAH | The Mystery Giant Brian ๐Ÿง 

Episode 449

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Weeelcome you lovelies, Iโ€™m back mates from my mini holiday, and ready to kick start your Wednesday with two episodes from a new Old Time Radio series. The Avenger. Your first episode is High Tide Murder, where death hides behind the crashing waves of a secret trapdoor, and your second episode the Mystery Giant Brian, involving automatons and a craaaazy doctor.
Why listen to this series?
So whatโ€™s unique about this series, well, it has a lot of tongue and cheek jokes. A mix of spy genre motifs, and another OTR series called The Shadow, I was wrapped in intrigue as this I listened to these stories. Also whatโ€™s really neat is the Jim Brandon, a famous biochemist is the man of action here, taking what appears to be drugs to help him perform his feats of subterfuge. My favourite aspect of this show though is not the drug handling that enables our hero to be a hero, but the fact that he canโ€™t resist commenting on how lovely looking his assistant is, Fern Kalia is her name โ€“ he cracks me up, I swear at one point he says youโ€™re too beautiful to take these drugs as the world would be better of seeing you and your beauty. Itโ€™s just gold. OH and even the villain canโ€™t resist stating how beautiful she isโ€ฆaaahh mates, I love this show so much.
The major remastering points here would be cracks and pops โ€“ I had a lot of it intertwined with the audio, so I did my best to strip that out. Also Iโ€™ve been focusing on enriching the audio, particularly voices. Iโ€™ll include an image in my Patreon show notes if your interested mates. Heads up, if you ever interested in sending some love my way via donations through Patreon, Iโ€™ve changed the way that support is supplied to new supporters in that it will charge your account straight away. This means no waiting for bonuses, or benefits from me to you, I can provide them straight up and without delay.
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Episode 449