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607: The Adventures of Morse | City of the Dead Part 8 & 9 | Clawfoot Kidnapped!

Episode 444

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Welcome, my lovely listeners. Today I’m bringing you the classic Adventures of Morse – City of the Dead Chapters 8 and 9. We have more Clawfoot, more chaos, more action, goodness gracious, more everything – and remastered just for your lovely selves. Clicks removed, pops curtailed, and noise brought down to a minimum. I’ve gotten to a point on these episodes where I don’t have to strip out as much audio, which leaves it really intact. Also, this episode was impeccably recorded – only 1 audio repeat 50 minutes of recording. Such a great job. So turn the lights off, the sound up, and get ready for something special, and unique – just like you. Enjoy
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Episode 444