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598: The Clock – The Helping Hand in the city of Summerville ⌚

Episode 435

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The Clock – The Helping Hand in the city of Summerville ⌚
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Welcome listeners to your Monday does of Old Timey drama, and let me bring you a tale from the vault, from, The Clock series titled A Helping Hand. A story you’ve heard before I feel, but under a different name, and with some minor nuance’s.
Our man Howard Williams has just recently moved to Summerville, a law abiding place, with a population of 2704, leaving his previous city to escape a long shadow of embezzlement for which he was acquitted for. Only to venture into a trap that has been lying in wait for someone exactly like him to come along…and spring….and as the saying goes, no good deed…goes unpunished… join me listeners, for your tale, The Helping Hand.
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Episode 435