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595: The Clock – The One Eyed Cat 📻 Chris Mohler | Raise your EARL GREYS!

Episode 432

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The Clock – The One Eyed Cat 📻 Chris Mohler | Raise your EARL GREYS!
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Welcome listeners to your Monday episode of Old Time Radio styling, straight, from the Clock archives. Remastered, and brought to your lovely ears, today I bring you The One Eyed Cat – a story that denotes the saying, “Things are not as they first appear” and especially so for the caretaker, Miss Garth.

For you see listeners, in this episode we will learn two things – the insidious nature of some people and their unquenchable thirst for money…and that cats… least in the series of The Clock, lead to people tumbling…spine…first, yikes. Mates, lastly,

I have awesome news, I’ve got a brand new Earl Grey Enforcer, and that my friends, is Chris Mohler – mate, weeeelcome to the storytelling gang. It is such a pleasure to have your support – this lovely person sent me such a sweet email to find out how to support me, and that put a smile on my face for the whole week. So let us raise a glass to our brand new Enforcer – Chris Mohler – again, thank you for your support.
Now, this particular Clock episode was strangely difficult, as are most of the Clock OTR’s, pushing them through multiple filters as I do, but this one…had a really odd low hum that I managed to slice out – and I spent a good time cleaning up the bass. Either way, I think I’ve cleared it to a point where you lovelies can appreciate it. So turn off your lights, turn up the sound, and let’s listen to ,The One Eyed Cat a tale of greed, misfortune….and above all…deception. Enjoy!
I hope you enjoy both your episodes today mates, and thanks for your support 💜
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Now, turn off the lights, turn up the sound, and let’s hear something, original.


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Episode 432