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584: Japan True Crime | Futoshi Matsunaga – Where it all began

Episode 421

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Japan True Crime | Futoshi Matsunaga – Where it all began…
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Welcome listeners, to your Japanese True Crime case, your criminal this episode is, Japanese serial killer Futoshi Matsunaga and his accomplice Junko Orgata.
Before I jump in, I want to address that the information and facts used in this episode were cross referenced and checked to eliminate as much inconsistencies as possible, and as usual I dig deep when it comes to possible reasons as to a serial killer becomes what they become. And with multiple accounts taking note of relationships, murders, and key dates โ€“ some of which are not only wrong but suspicious, I did my best to bring you a cohesive narrative for you to follow.
I’ll be covering in this series:
1. Weโ€™re going to learn about who Futoshi Matsunaga and Junko Ogata are, and how it all began.
2. Some psychological terms that could explain Futoshiโ€™s behaviour.
3. Torture techniques Futoshi used, and why they were so effective.
4. The shift from money to murder.
5. Who they killed and how.
6. The eventual capture of Futoshi and Junko
7. The Japanese justice system
Thanks mates, and I hope you enjoy this episode.
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Please, Don’t Scream by Michael Angelo Yacone
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Episode 421