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572: Round the Fire 🔥 | The Club Footed Grocer [PART 1] 📚

Episode 409

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572: Round the Fire 🔥 | The Club Footed Grocer [PART 1] 📚
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Welcome you little beauties! It’s a Wednesday, halfway through the work week and on only two more days till chillsville. And to help you along your way is me, your Tale Teller. Today I’m sharing with you a story from the “Round the Fire” series – your tale The Club Footed Grocer – Part 1. These tales were written back in London 1908, and this is a quote straight from the book’s preface:
In the present collection [of] those [that] have been brought together which are concerned with the grotesque and with the terrible—such tales as might well be read “round the fire” upon a winter’s night.
So descriptive! I just love the old school phrasing. So if you’re like me, trying to keep warm whilst the Australian winds and rains beat at my door, then rug up, turn up the heat or light a fire, and let’s listen to some old school tales.
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Episode 409