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542: The Black Doctor FINALE & Playing with Fire | Round the Fire Series [New Earl Grey Enforcer]

Episode 379

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542: The Black Doctor FINALE & Playing with Fire | Round the Fire Series [New Earl Grey Enforcer]


Thaaaank you mate!
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The new tale Playing with Fireโ€ฆwell..that is shaping up to have an interesting atmosphere. I had a look at what the French man was saying after his statements, you know when I say Hein โ€“ well it translates to mean โ€œhuhโ€ equivalent to an interjection, for example, why were you late? Huh? A follow on query as it were to pull along the conversation. So when Paul Le Duc says Hein, thatโ€™ll make a lot more sense to my non-french speakers.
Now, I have a brand new Patreon support mates that I want to welcome aboard before I jump into my epic patreon supporters, and that is my new Earl Grey Enforcer Tristan Casida. Thank you Tristan for being awesome and supporting this Podcast โ€“ also Iโ€™ll be reading through your story mate and providing feedback where possible. ๐Ÿ˜Š I hope the advice Iโ€™ve already given helps you out as well.
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Episode 379