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537: The Japanned Box | Round the Fire Stories | Conan Arthur Doyle

Episode 374

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537: The Japanned Box | Round the Fire Stories | Conan Arthur Doyle
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A man travels to the most English part of England, the English Midlands, and into the Malvern Hills. There you will find a man who has lost his something profound, and another man who discovers a brand new life there. Today I bring you a unique tale from “Round the Fire Stories” written in 1908 by Arthur Conan Doyle.
Now today I was going to discuss COVID-19, and go through how, I now work exclusively at home here in Australia, and how the cases are cropping up where I am…but instead…I’m going give us all, a breather. There is enough information online, on your Podcasts, and on the news about this virus. And of course what it is doing to countries and everyone is awful, but I wanted to take a step back, and provide you an episode to close your eyes, and take you on a journey with to the English hills. With brand new music, and a new and improved audio filter that I’m constantly tweaking, I’d really like to help all of you, just for a little moment, escape from all that.
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Episode 374