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532: The Shadow #1 – Death House Rescue | Old Time Radio Nostalgia [Remastered]

Episode 368

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532: The Shadow #1 – Death House Rescue | Old Time Radio Nostalgia [Remastered]
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For those of you who know this laugh, this may be a little exciting for you. This episode is from a classic, one of THE greats of Old Time Radio awesomeness. Oh yes, The Shadow. Beating criminals with psychology and smarts, and trickery, he’s sort of like the Batman of Old Time Radio take a quick listen: Organised Forces of law. In fact the very first batman script, The Case of the Chemical Syndicate is a sort of Homage to The Shadow. Bill Finger (co-creator of Batman) later publicly admitted, “My first Batman script was a take-off on a Shadow story”.
So if you’re a fan of Batman, and Old Time Radio, this is where it all began folks. This is what launched a comic franchise, generations of young folk would learn to love old time radio, and imaginations from all over the globe would be sparked. This is the first episode of the shadow, and I’m not gonna lie…it was difficult to remaster. Some unusual issues, and running at 22khz means that there’s not a lot of data to play with, but there is enough noise present to sneak in between the audio, and it would be unlikely for me to edit that audio out without stripping some of the audibility and clarity from that episode.
Think of your audio as a tree, with deep roots, as you stuck cutting away at the tree’s weeds there is going to be a point where the weed and tree are so close to each other, that cutting that weed out means cutting a chunk of the tree out with it – totally not worth it.
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Episode 368