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528: The Dunlewy Church, Down to Sleep and The Children Series [New Oud Tea Titan]

Episode 364

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528: The Dunlewy Church, Down to Sleep and The Children Series [New Oud Tea Titan]
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Welcome my AWESOME listeners. I hope your week has been brilliant, and itโ€™s only going to get better when we sink our teeth into our three stories today. First up is The Dunlewy Church by GM Danielson, about a mystical and cursed church in Ireland. This story is also where you get to hear my attempt, and I strongly imply attempt at an Irish Accent โ€“ I also may need to issue a disclaimer this attempt may be so bad it warrants an explicit code in itโ€™s own right as butchering. Jokes aside this episode has some adult themes, reference to sexual abuse, and adult language. Not for little ears this one.
The second story is actually, a Poem titled Down to Sleep โ€“ and short of it being what I say when Iโ€™ve finished podcasting for the night, itโ€™s actually a really interesting and thought provoking poem by TheWizardOfthewoods.
And lastly is The Children Entry 1 and Entry 2 โ€“ I wonโ€™t give anything away there but Iโ€™ll be finishing that one off Wednesday next week.

Now I have FANTASTIC news, I have a brand new Oud Night Tea titans. Seriously guys and gals, where do I find these amazing people. I am, extremely fortunate to find such gem to support this show. Solstra has increased her support to the highest tier possible as an Oud Night Tea Titan, and Iโ€™m blown away, yet again but her kindness, thank you so much Solstra โ€“ youโ€™re going to help shape this Podcast, immensely. I want to take opportunity to thank Matthew J Bower who goes above and beyond in this tier, doubly so in fact at that donation level โ€“ simply breath taking. And Mayah for your amazing support so early on as well, just like Matthew J Bower and in this tier. Seriously, where did I find you gems?
Thank you all for being awesome!

The Dunlewy Church by G.M. Danielson
Down to Sleep by TheWizardOfTheWoods
The Children Entry 1 and 2 by HansOffMe
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Episode 364