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517: ProRevenge Reddit, Vampires, Parasites and that Tingling Feeling

Episode 353

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ProRevenge Reddit | Dark Gift | Parasites and that Tingling Feeling

EXPLICIT | Not for little ears! ๐Ÿ‘‚ Death, Sexual Abuse, Adult Themes
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Welcome listeners for todayโ€™s set of four stories. Our first tale is quiet different to the rest, I wanted to surprise you with a ProRevenge story that Reddit user Peculiar_liar shared, regarding his revenge on a co-worker who sabotaged him at his place of work. ProRevenge stories are true stories shared by individuals on how they get back at people that have wronged them, and your first tale is one such story.
Your next set of three stories involve vampires, parasites, and the sinking feeling of being watched in the darkness. Mates this episode does have adult themes, and is listed as explicit for a reason, this one is not for little ears. Definitely not as intense as the previous tales but still, not suitable for the younglings.
To all my Chinese listeners, Gong Hai Fat Choi for those who speak Cantonese and Gong Ze Fah Chai for those who speak Mandarin. Happy Chinese New Year, where the lunar animal this year is the Rat. Now folks, we have a public holiday here in Australia so I wonโ€™t be uploading an episode this Monday, and I too, will be celebrating Chinese New Year with my family and friends from so many different cultures.
Which means Iโ€™ll miss you Monday, but come back full force this Wednesday. And before I start, I have a new so weโ€™re on 15 mates โ€“ totally stoked to have all of your support, and Aidan, welcome to the family.
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1. Get me fired? Say goodbye to your bonus and promotion – peculiar_liar
4. Vitreous by Dave Taylor –
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Episode 353