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498: Hell Has a Prison [Act 3 of 5] – A Deal with the Devil and Second Chance [Ongoing Series]

Episode 333

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Sent to hell…imprisoned…and reborn to be a CHAMPION!
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Welcome listeners to your continuation of Hell has a Prison, Act 3 by RedNovaTyrant. Before we begin this story is not for little ears, and as I’m releasing this on a Monday and some of you might be diving straight in, I’d like to remind everyone that it’s an adult themed story, so please keep the little kiddies away.
Now, brief recap. Our main character Hela succumbed to a sexual itch that saw her sleeping with many a man, with the initial intentions of helping her friend pay off a debt lone through the services that she provided. Unfortunately she meets a client that feels he’s saving her from a life of sin and depravity…by killing her. She is sent to hell, rightly or wrongly for her actions, to only arrive and find she’s somehow “different”, taken away, and tortured…to make her into what she must become…a champion from hell.
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Title: Hell has a Prison


Author: RedNovaTyrant

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Episode 333