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496: Hell Has a Prison [Act 1 of 5] – Sex, Sin, and Torture

Episode 330

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The world is a cruel…and harsh place…and a women is trying to help her friend to only discover a new passion for debauchery and sin…
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A woman begins a journey, and adventure into collage, where you’d expect new experiences, friends, and opportunities to head their way…and my my my, on all accounts this is true, but in WHAT way is the juiciest part. A woman heads down a path of debauchery, giving in to her lust…giving in the demon that resides in her…figuratively that is. And allow herself to scratch an itch that only an another person can reach. Welcome listeners to your five Act horror story, Hell has a Prison by RedNovaTyrant.
This episode is NOT for little ears, it contains sex scenes, and almost said nudity heh, murder, and adult themes. So please, keep the little ones away. Before I jump into this tale, I have THE BEST news evah, a new White Tea Walord – Lee Bower!!!! Let us raise our glasses, our mugs, our mini tea-cups should you have them, in his honour.
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Title: Hell has a Prison ACT 1


Author: RedNovaTyrant

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Episode 330