The Grotesque - Journal of a Cursed Gargoyle

Welcome you awesome people! 🐈

Today I bring you the finale of Grotesque, a tale about hexes, curses, and...maybe, mental illness.

Pat has been talking to Chen his councillor, but they're offering...unorthodox advice...advice that really, more of an indoctrination and suggestion to do terrible things. Dr Chen may not be what she seems, but what on earth is she?

Join me for today's tale into madness...and the decline of a promises college student's life into insanity.

Listen to the original section quickly if you want to catch up on just this story 📚📚📚

Listen Here: Grotesque [Part 1]

The Grotesque is certainly a creature from ancient times, one that begets it's owner to madness, insanity, and misfortune. If you see this creature, don't talk to it, and most of all, never, ever listen to it.

Question: Do you think Jase has mental illness of some kind, or do you think the demon that resides in the gargoyle sculpture is real?

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