The Defense Rests & White Rose Murderer | Old Time Radio

I bring you two Old Time Radio tales back to back for your back to back play...back...huh 😎

1: The Defense Rests - ORIGINAL

Where criminals and lawyers share so many, many traits...

2: White Rose Murderer - ORIGINAL

The murderer leaves a white rose behind, after every woman they kill, but two people in love help solve the case! A great show of female protagonist power from this one - love it! You'll see what I mean, the gal in this 1940's show has some serious mettle about her.

This particular episode was a good challenge when it came to remastering, so fingers crossed it's in a condition acceptable for your lovely ears.  SUSPENSE can be a little hit and miss, so I spent a lot of time hand picking the salvageable ones, and push the envelope when they have really good stories. 😎📻 So please, enjoy!

A very special thank you to my White Tea Warlords:

🌟🌟#1: Matthew J Bower🌟🌟

🎉🎉#2: Maya🎉🎉

💀💀 #3: Divided by Zir0 💀💀

A special thank you to my Earl Grey Enforcers you keep the shows blood pumping to mates!


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