The Black Museum | Killing Bathtub and The Gladstone Bag

HAPPY NEW YEAR PEEPS!!Let's start this year with some Orson Welles (aka Awesome Wells) - Where ordinary household objects are tools for Muuuurdah!

Welcome you little lovelies! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday break. I was at Singapore, going through copious amounts of gigantic malls, visiting parks, hiking, and eating loads of seafood. It was a gustatious experience, if that's even a word!

I also came across TWG tea which was amazing to see in Singapore, because every 10 - 20 meters a new tea joint would appear, laden in gold and tea leaves. Had a fantastic time perusing their tea collection, buying some and having a blast smelling their tea. I sniffed some tea that cost $999....I had no idea how to feel after that point but I'm almost certain my soul transcended to a higher plane for the briefest of moments...also I could see gold all the way through the tea. Just crazy....

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