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Ted the Caver Series Part 3 of ? [Joe Sees the Darkness]

Welcome listeners to Part 3 of Ted the Caver!

Original Story:  https://creepypasta.fandom.com/wiki/Ted_the_Caver

The cave continues with it's mysterious, and also...a new victim. Joe, one of their friends shows the same excitement, intrigue, and passion for spelunking (thanks Peter R) in this cave, but the deeper they delve the darker it gets...in more ways than one.

Joe is the next victim of the cave, and it leave a mark on him that sears into his mind.

Here are some pictures straight from the cave itself as they go deeper into it's caverns, were symbols and hieroglyphics are inscribed onto the walls:

Glyph that Ted found on the walls - despite the camera failing, he was able to memorise it's design.

A rounded rock that may have been part of "something"

Strange rock formations mates...and even stranger cave designs...

Stay close, ensure you bring spare torches...and stick together team!

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by Matthew J Bower

- The Tale Teller

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