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Ted the Caver - Part 2 of ? [The Hellish Voice]

Welcome you brilliant listeners!

Today's episode is continuation of the slow burning Creepypasta Tale of two cave explorers - Ted and "B". They a drawn to this mystery cave mates and goodness there is something down there.

They are continuously digging deeper, inventing new ways to carve away the strong stone that resides in that cave. Their efforts are supported by new inventions, new drives to get past that crack in the wall, the exit to Floyd's Tomb - but that voice echos throughout the cave walls again...a warning that they do not heed.  Yet, the mystery continues mates, join me for a really interesting tale.

Let's talk about the images of the mine itself. Below is the first real breakthrough they had in that space, where they can now enter the tomb to some extent and explore further, still they can only really enter with their arms above their head, no real proper movement at that point.

Digging deeper with new tools Ted was able to get much further in, and crawl on his stomach through the smaller parts of the tomb.

Bit by bit they are digging deeper, reaching further, inventing tools to cut quicker, and explore further, here is the latest picture of their exploration - they are trying to widen the gap to the other side now:

Mates, stick with me Wednesday for the continuation of this mysterious tale. And thank you SO much for your awesome support.

White Tea Warlord:  Matthew J Bower (The legend) 

- The Tale Teller

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