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Ted the Caver - Part 1 of ? | Ongoing Series [Mysterious Caves]

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

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Today's episode is involves the deepest and darkest of caves. The first part of a multi-part series coming to your lovely ears. Ted is a cave explorer bent on finding out what on earth is behind a crack in the wall of a cave. Him and his pal "B" are digging deeper and deeper into the unknown looking for "virgin" lands and caves that exists but not yet discovered.

If you want to read ahead on a website with an old school feel:


If you want to read it straight from the wiki:


Imagery drawn by Ted the owner of the journal we're reading from:

This cave also has some mysterious sounds whistling and rumbling through it, and is spooking their pet dog "Whip" into submission...something strange is going on here but what?! What on earth could reside in there? Who knows...not us...well...not yet. 

Ted the Caver is a slow burn mates, so stick with me on this story, I'm thinking it has a great narrative mystery to uncover.

White Tea Warlord:  Matthew J Bower (The legend)

- The Tale Teller

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