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Stories Artificial: Invented Narratives of an AI

Welcome lovely listeners!

Today I have for you something very special - Artificially generated storytelling!

Yup - I fed the machine that uses neural learning, deep web learning, and essentially a computer that can formulate stories, a bunch of insane narratives to build off of to generate original content. 

Take to Transformer by Adam King is a online machine learning tool that allows people to feed in a sentence, and the computer trawls the net to create a story based on your initial sentence. 

Here's an example i did just now:

Banana's become king of Earth, and he and his warriors rule as gods among those planets. But there is one planet who doesn't need a king, and that's the planet where all life on Earth was born and grew to full maturity: Earth; a world which thrives with a constant supply of vegetables. So Earth gets involved in a long-standing beef between King Banana and the humans of Earth, when King Banana accidentally destroys the vegetable farm where the humans grew the seeds of their very own seeds. The planet is devastated, and the seeds planted and the life-giving vegetables destroyed. 

Talk to Transformer: https://talktotransformer.com/  *TRY IT*

The piece in bold is what, I, the human, started the machine off with - and the rest is the machine.

So you know what I started off with for this episode here are all the plot narratives:

 1. Arron the cheese wizard was defending his fort made of crackers

2. A sentient bucket is attacked by ants and defends itself with water to kill the ants

3. The Cheese Wizard with a fort of crackers

4. A gorilla robs a bank in Pennsylvania and shot twice in the left arm. Whilst escaping he's tracked by a wolf cop bent on his capture.

5. A small bug lands on a bunny's nose a magical bug lands on a rough, worn out shoe, giving it powers.

6. A sausage discovers that it has the power to consume berries, and use them as a fuel source

7. Be happy and not sad

From these narratives all the stories you hear today are built from those seeds. 

*Click* *Click* *Click* *Click*  the machine understands us folks...nothing is unknowable....

A special thank you to my White Tea Warlord: Matthew J Bower

A special thank you to my Earl Grey Enforcers

~The Tale Teller

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