Murder in the Grass and Madness in the Blood | Haunting Hour [Remastered]

Welcome you little beauties!

Today I bring you two Old Time Radio tales straight from the Haunting Hour Vault. Remastered for your awesome ears, just so you can listen to some old timey murdering of civilians in parks and gaslighting conspiracies.

Ohoho yes, today I bring you two unique episodes, that were both quite fragile and difficult to repair. Apologies on the quality, but I did my utmost to retain as much content as possible mates. Let me know what you think.

Also, I'm currently using new tools and technology this episode so please let me know if you can hear the difference mates.


1:  The Lonesome Corpse

2: Breakdown


And of course a HUGE thank you to my White Tea Warlords:

🌟🌟 1: Mega King Matthew J Bower🌟🌟

🎉🎉 #2: Majestic Maya🎉🎉

💀💀 #3: Divided by Zir0 the Auditory Hero! 💀💀

A special thank you to my Earl Grey Enforcers you keep the shows blood pumping to mates!



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