MIDNIGHT TRAIN | A ticket you'll never want to own...

Welcome my awesome listeners! Today you're in for a treat!

I bring you MIDNIGHT TRAIN - A train ride you'll never want to take! And know some people who should 😂

EXPLICIT: This episode involves sex scenes, gore, domestic abuse, and cursing - Not Safe For Work, or little ears.

When a train is heard, miles away, during the darkest nights of our protagonists life, appears , life is never the same. It all stemmed from the first not, being beaten by his father for seeing something he shouldn't have seen, it awakes in him access to a train that travels not in this realm, and with a purpose that is entirely unclear.

What did he see? Well... his life changed forever the day he walked in on his father...having an affair with his close friends mother...but I shan't share more than that. Listeners, I hope you enjoyed this episode, it was an absolute pleasure to narrate.

A very special thank you to my White Tea Warlords:

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