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Lifted Veil | The Spectre of Tappi - Old Time Radio!

Welcome listeners to your veerrrry poisonous Old Time Radio duo episode! 

Your first story is about a the poison that resides in the mind, how thoughts penetrate the pysche, and the soul. Whilst our second old time radio episode sees poison as both the tool to kill and resurrect....truly a strange double episode.

Poison is of course, the theme of this episode, and it is used narratively to demonstrate it's properties. The dialogue, vernacular, and vocabulary of our actors in these episodes are just hilarious and educative - I particularly love the language used in the Spectre of Tippa. Both me and my pal had a good time laughing at that, despite the mysterious nature of the episode.

So folks have a fantastic night or day, and Friday I'm going to have something very different, just for your special selves!

A special thank you to my White Tea Warlord: Matthew J Bower

A special thank you to my Earl Grey Enforcers


~The Tale Teller

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