Let's Not Meet Reddit - Abduction, Abusive, and Awful | True Stories 🔪

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Today's episode are some handpicked Let's Not Meet Stories 👹 WARNING, Explicit content ahead in this episode. The stories cover:

AbductionPhysical and Verbal abuseHomophobiaSexual Abuse

Not for little ears at all! The true stories always remind me of the craziness out in this world, and they carry learning with them also. Learning's only taught by sharing true stories like these. A big thank you to my Let's Not Meet contributors for today's stories, I can appreciate how difficult they are to share let alone be aired for all to hear.

Let's Not Meet True Stories:

1. Flowers and a bag of prawns with a dash of stalking, refusing to let me leave on a first meeting. Never want to see this guy again- inconvenientsilence

2. The smiling stranger - Ushudhavebeenaborted

3. My dog knew something was happening - Terriere

4. Grindr horror story - Anonymous

5. I’m a tattoo artist and that welcomes a plethora of creeps - gwentattoos

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**Note: Due to the sensitivity of today's episode, I won't be create stories/nicknames, as I believe it would be inappropriate to do so. Thanks!

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