Hell Has a Prison [Act 3 of 5] - A Deal with the Devil and Second Chance

WELCOME you little Angels....or should I say little demons!?A brand new episode just for your lovely ears. We've seen Hela thrown to Hell, become a Cambion, and now...she's on a whole new mission to take on something bigger...great than her. But there are of course obstacles, and the devil himself, the Prince of Darkness has given her favour, to make it possible to do his dirty work.

Let's see how this pans out mates.Hell has a Prison ACT 1 Story: creepypasta.fandom.com/wiki/Hell_Has_A_PrisonAuthor: RedNovaTyrantListen to Act 1  Storiesfablesghostlytales – 496-hell-has-a-prison-act-1-of-5-sex-sin-and-torture

Listen to Act 2:  https://soundcloud.com/storiesfablesghostlytales/497-hell-has-a-prison-act-2-of-5-transformation-and-reset-series

Listen to Act 3: https://soundcloud.com/storiesfablesghostlytales/498-hell-has-a-prison-act-3-of-5-a-deal-with-the-devil-and-second-chance-ongoing-series

The Cambion is a creature of pure darkness...crafted from the agony and torment of aeons of pain...with the learned ability to now ignore agony and revel in it. Taking joy in the terror and horror they bring to their enemies.

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🌟🌟   #1: Matthew J Bower The Hellish Creature King 🌟🌟

🎉🎉   #2: Maya the Bringer of Agony 🎉🎉

💀💀   #3: Divided by Zir0 the creature of Torment💀💀

🐮🐮  #4: I Own Cows the Hell Bovine, and Cow King himself 🐮🐮

💪💪 #5:  Lee Bower the unstoppable Devourer 💪💪

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