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Earl Grey Enforcer [Special Episode] - Land of Gears

Welcome listeners to an EARL GREY SPECIAL!

SPECIAL EPISODE - Dedicated to Michael Angelo Yacone

This episode folks is all about robotics, machines, and a land made of....parts! The world is harsh, unique and unknown and Michael takes us all on a ride with the protagonist as a passenger. Written exceptionally and with a story that has my earbuds tingling I hope you enjoy today's episode.

Be sure to check out Michael's Booksie account:


As I mentioned at the end of this episode, it's one of the more...complex episodes I've created, take a look at my audio snapshot tonight:

These kinds of challenges always geeet the bloood pumping mates 😊 and the tea pouring heheh ☕ Once again a big thank you to Michael Angelo Yacone for the support and the wonderful story

A special thank you to my White Tea Warlord: Matthew J Bower - you're episode is in the works mate!

A special thank you to my Earl Grey Enforcers - more enforcer episodes on the way!


~ The Tale Teller