Drunk Tank | Gage King [Finale] - Woof what a journey!

Weeeelcome you beaaaauties!A brand new 🐶 doggo story, filled with danger, death, murder, and so much more. Surviving in a world where every bite makes your more and more vulnerable is torturous as a human, but what about a dog? And this dog may have experienced trauma of their own...where does it turn to for help?Mates I bring you the finale episode of Drunk Tank, titled Gage King 🐕 an adventure that will never be forgotten and brought two companions together.🏠 Personal News 🏠My house dividing fence collapsed yesterday morning!

Just crazy! Couldn't believe the storm we had that just totalled that fence. Working on getting the quotes, and people together to get this resolved ASAP. Mind you these are the older kinds of fences, and we don't even have them here in Australia anymore. The expected fence now days would be Colorbond, and we'll see if that what I end up with.

Either way, I had to juggle that the past two today which lead to a slightly smaller episode for today. Thanks for your patience around this mates and I hope you enjoy this doggo story!

DRUNK TANK: https://creepypasta.fandom.com/wiki/Drunk_Tank

Author: EmpyrealInvective

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Matthew J Bower – Ranger and pathfinder of a world in chaos 🐱‍🏍

Trapper and releases of troubled animals in troubled times. With knowledge of the cities around him Matthew is able to negotiate even the hardest terrain with ease.

Mayah – Dubbed the Silent acrobat 🐱‍👤

People only see shadows flickering in the night, was it a cat? Was it a dog scampering across in the dark. They’ll never know till it’s too late.

🐮🐮   I Own Cows –  Herding the hordes of wet-brainers to their demise, as the Bovine Breaker 🐮🐮

💪💪  Lee Bower –  Athletics and endurance is in his blood, they call him, Blackout, because before they know it…well…it’s too late.   💪💪

A special thank you to my Earl Grey Enforcers you keep the shows blood pumping to mates!



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