Drunk Tank | Father Stroker and Regina Schwartz - Part 2

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Two slice of life stories from a hellish landscape...both from two different perspectives, the old the young, the corrupted and the innocent...

Father Stoker:

A man huddles within himself, seeking for solace a midst his faith. Seeking refuge in a town of abusers, and a city of criminals. This man, was once a leader, a respectable human being that communities would rally by.

Regina Schwartz:

A girl born from a family with problems. A father and mother who argue, sure, who hasn’t argued with someone they’ve loved, but the world has changed, and it does not leave children in the shade, away from the plight of adults.

DRUNK TANK: https://creepypasta.fandom.com/wiki/Drunk_Tank

Author: EmpyrealInvective

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