Blakkr Nótt and Blood Ceremony - Dark Magic and Blood Therapy...

Welcome my epics! That you lovely listener 😎

Gota say, a full on one this one, I bring you a fantasy tale of kings and queens and demonic things - as well as a all too real and creepy self-harm tale that will have your skin...creeping and crawling.

Blakkr Nott is a kingdom that only moments ago was partying and having a great time, till a late knock at the door changes the fate of the king, and his whole kingdom. Keep track of the shadows that haunt that place though, should you ever visit.

Blood Ceremony is certainly...different. I sliced my finger up recently and whilst recording reminded me all too much about blood, veins, and nasty business, so yes, a gritty one for sure. Either way I hope you enjoy it!

#1: Blakkr Nótt by TheJangoLegacy  🏰

#2: Bleeding Ceremony 🩸

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